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Hazardous Air Duct Cleaning

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Sep/21/ 2017 (734) 946-4270

Mason MI. — CCI completed a five day Hazardous air duct deep clean project at a major container manufacturer.   The project was necessary due to renovation activities planned at the facility.  The customer was experiencing quality issues in the manufacturing process in their clean room operations.

The building size was approximately one hundred thousand square foot in area, located in Mason Michigan.

CCI was awarded the contract due to competitive pricing and the organization’s reputation for quality and innovation.

The assignment included the robotic cleaning of approximately fifteen thousand linear feet of air duct in the facility’s cleanroom.

After the initial assessment, CCI assembled a team and developed a HEPA equipped system to clean the affected duct work.  Additionally, CCI utilized video inspection to document the before and after conditions of the entire ductwork. During the final documentation, several maintenance issues were discovered. This documentation allowed plant engineering to more effectively troubleshoot issues and maintain ductwork. The maintenance as well as the targeting of problem areas translated to better customer quality and cost savings.

The CCI team completed the project in five days.  All of the video documentation was reviewed by the customer to their complete satisfaction.

CCI continues to receive contracts for other project work with the end goal of securing ongoing services in the near future.

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