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Hydro Excavation (HX)

A Non-Destructive Alternative to Traditional Excavation

Cleaning Contractors, Inc. offers state-of-the-art hydro excavation services. Hydro excavation is a safe, non-destructive alternative to traditional excavation. Also called "vacuum excavation," "potholing," "hydro-digging," "hydro-trenching" or "soft digging,” the process uses pressurized water coupled with a high-powered vacuum source to remove material. Hydro excavation is ideal for:

  • Trenching and pit digging
  • Excavation of utility infrastructure; water lines, electrical conduit, gas lines, fiber optics, etc.
  • Surface utility excavation for identifying depth and location of utilities
  • Excavation of petroleum piping
  • Cold weather excavation

Utility Excavation

Hydro excavating provides access to utility pipes, lines and conduit without risking damage to the existing infrastructure. Traditional hand digging and use of pick axes is not only slow, but contact during digging can break pipes or cut lines. Hydro excavating speeds up the process while virtually eliminating the chance of damage, saving both time and money.

Petroleum Industry

Excavating petroleum piping infrastructure carries the added risk of exposing the environment to dangerous oil or gas leaks in the event of a rupture or break. Because hydro excavating minimizes the risk of damage to existing pipes, the process is the preferred method for gaining access to gas and oil lines.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Cold Weather Excavation

By heating the pressurized water, hydro excavation can be used on even frozen ground. This allows for year-round excavation during winter months or in areas with short summers.


Hydro-Excavation uses pressurized water to loosen soil and other natural material. The soil and water are then vacuumed into a truck-mounted debris tank. Because the water jet can be tightly controlled, hydro excavation is ideal for situations where the surrounding area needs to be kept intact. This saves time and money in replacing landscaping and backfilling excavation sites. Additionally, less labor is required to achieve this minimally invasive excavation, providing further savings.

Hard-to-Access Excavations

In many cases hydro excavation can be used for areas virtually impossible to excavate using a backhoe or hand-shoveling. Hydro excavating uses thin, easy to handle nozzles, hoses and extensions that can be directed into tight areas. Trucks providing pressurized water and vacuuming can be parked away from the excavation site.

Safer for Workers

Because hydro excavation uses surgical-like accuracy there is no need for workers to be hand-shoveling in trenches. This minimizes risk of cave-ins that could injure workers.

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