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Cleaning Contractors Inc. (CCI) is an individually-owned and operated facility management company with services offered throughout North America. Established for more than 30 years, CCI has gained the experience that makes a difference.

Industrial Cleaning ServicesOur mission is to provide total facility management support and industrial cleaning services at lower costs to our valued customers. At CCI, all of our trained, experienced and professional staff are committed to excellence, safety and customer satisfaction. We consider ourselves to be leaders in our field and routinely set industry best practices. By continually improving our standards, we’re able to see increasingly positive and efficient results in plant operations.

Services offered by Cleaning Contractors Inc. include decommissioning, facility support, industrial cleanup and remediation. We work with a broad range of industries, including aerospace, automotives, construction, food and beverage, government agencies, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

We always strive to use environmentally-sound cleaning methods while following health and safety procedures to ensure a hazard-free work environment for employees. From the start, we’ve had the goal of converting older, substandard cleaning practices into modern, efficient methods. Our techniques limit the negative impact that our cleaning services have on both the workplace and the environment.

At CCI, we conduct regular safety audits and inspections that are led by certified safety managers. We also provide employee programs to promote health and safety issues in the shop and on the job site. Not only does CCI boast pollution-free, energy-efficient operations, but we’re also supported in our health ventures by our major vendors. Much of our biodegradable and recyclable products and supplies has been designed to reduce workplace hazards.

Cleaning Contractors Inc. and our vendors understand that health, safety and environment issues will never be 100% resolved. However, we feel that maintaining vigilance and continuing our efforts to keep our employees, communities and environment safe is integral to our overall mission.

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