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The manufacturing industry is huge, since it refers to any kind of business that uses tools, machines or labor to turn raw materials into goods for sale. There are several different jobs under manufacturing, ranging from manual labor to highly technical production. The manufacturing industry falls under the industrial production sector. Today, the top manufacturing company is the United States, as it’s been since prior to World War II. The U.S. manufactures machinery and equipment, industrial supplies, non-auto consumer goods, vehicles and parts, aircraft, feed and food and beverages. Japan is a close second, holding the title of the greatest manufacturing company if you look at per capita output.

“Manufacturing” is an umbrella term that encompasses several smaller industries, like construction, engineering, energy, metals and plastics, and transportation. Sometimes, telecommunications and electronics are also considered to be part of manufacturing. Electronic manufacturing refers to businesses that are involved in developing computers, communications and electronics. The electronics manufacturing industry has changed modern life greatly. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing industry was basically made up of people who were skilled in producing certain products. Workers gained knowledge of particular crafts through apprenticeships. In cities, guilds were set up to keep production processes a secret, making sure that the livelihood of craftsmen was protected.

The Industrial Revolution, which took place during the 18th and 19th centuries, was a time of extreme technological advancement and a huge increase was seen in demand from consumers. The manufacturing industry was possibly the most strongly affected sector during this time. The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain, spread throughout Europe and then to the United States, and eventually went global. After the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing became the primary source of wealth in developed countries. Since then, manufacturing has laid the foundation for the world's modern economies. This industry does not just provide goods, but also jobs and financial security.

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