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Industries Served


Construction is a huge industry that accounts for several different building and civil engineering jobs. Construction encompasses markets like carpentry, home design, road construction and bridge development. This industry is one of the world’s largest because it creates the structure and foundation for cities and towns, not to mention entire countries. The three basic parts of the construction industry are general contracting, specialty trade construction and civil engineering. Regardless of the construction market you’re in, conditions are often demanding. Harsh environments and extreme heat or cold are often part of the job, as well as long hours and extreme physical exertion. Because of this, construction workers should be in good physical shape. Since risk is another part of the job, construction workers have to wear protective gear to stay safe from injury.

A general contractor is responsible for constructing the buildings and roads of both residential and commercial projects. A general contracting company will often manage several sub-contractors for a project. For example, the general contractor will have to oversee and organize plumbers, painters and electricians. Other trade groups involved in the construction industry include brick layers, floor installers and carpenters. However, most of these trade groups will work under a general contractor. Civil engineering focuses on building infrastructures like bridges, tunnels and roads.

The construction industry supplies a lot of jobs to workers who haven’t continued their education after high school. Many jobs require just a high school diploma or a GED, including work as a helper, apprentice or laborer. Advanced positions, like working as a heating and air conditioning expert, often require some sort of education, training or certification, though. Several jobs in the field require a license, such as working in home development, plumbing or crane operating. Ultimately, licenses ensure safety and proper training.

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