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The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for developing, producing and marketing pharmaceuticals and drugs that are licensed to be used as medications. Pharmaceutical companies handle both generic and brand-name medications as well as medical devices. The pharmaceutical industry has to abide by a number of laws and regulations concerning everything from testing and safety to patenting and marketing. The earliest drugstores date back to the middle ages and we're opened in Baghdad by Arabian pharmacist. Today, most of the pharmaceutical companies that were founded in the 19th and 20th centuries are still around. The strongest industries were seen throughout Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

Under the pharmaceutical industry, there are a number of different types of jobs based on various needs. Just about every pharmaceutical company has science and medical jobs available specifically to develop and test new medicines and processes. There are also several jobs for representatives and sales people for specific companies as well as corporate positions. One of the main components of the pharmaceutical industry is labeling. Legislation has been enacted to require the appropriate labeling on drugs that have been tested and approved. Prescription and non-prescription drugs have to be labeled in order to distinguish one from the other.

Pharmaceutical waste is a huge part of the industry. This is a type of medical waste that can include medications that have not been used, personal care products that are sold over-the-counter and accessories like used test strips. This waste, if not disposed of properly, can pose a threat to both human and environmental health. Special handling is required to dispose of medical waste, radiation waist and bio-hazardous waste in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and even households. There are certain companies that medical facilities hire to handle all different types of waste properly.

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