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Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper manufacturing industry produces pulp and paper for various finished products, including packaging and business cards. This is an industry that is found across the globe, with several multi-national companies and operations. Often, the only way to meet client demands is to rely on various companies throughout the world. Trade organizations are also part of the industry, and work on both national and international levels to promote the interests of the organization. Additional jobs can range from engineers to graphic designers and marketers. Investors and other financial industries also have a vested interest in the pulp and paper industry.

Pulp and paper are very closely related. Pulp is made from plastics, plant fibers and timber products, among other materials. Mills process these materials, developing pulp with the different textures for multiple uses. Finished pulp can be turned into paper of all different textures, thicknesses and with other various characteristics. This also includes edible paper, specialty products and cardboard. Workers in the pulp and paper industry are constantly involved in research and development to find and come up with new paper products. Often, the pulp and paper industry is closely tied into other related industries, like industrial design and packaging. Part of industry research includes finding out if there are any refinements that could make the process more efficient, cut down costs, add quality or offer other types of benefits to both companies and consumers.

As with any other industry, pulp and paper manufacturing is subject to regulations from the government. One common concern is how environmentally safe the pulp and paper industry is. Some processes can cause pollution and result in a large amount of waste. Luckily, many pulp and paper industries are moving toward recyclable methods and using non-toxic processes to prepare their products.

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