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Cleaning Contractors Inc.

Cleaning Contractors Inc. (CCI) is an individually-owned and operated facility management company with services offered throughout North America. Established for more than 30 years, CCI has gained the experience that makes a difference.

Our mission is to provide total facility management support and industrial cleaning services at lower costs to our valued customers. At CCI, all of our trained, experienced and professional staff are committed to excellence, safety and customer satisfaction. We consider ourselves to be leaders in our field and routinely set industry best practices. By continually improving our standards, we’re able to see increasingly positive and efficient results in plant operations.

Cleaning Contractors Inc.

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Industrial Cleaning Services

  • Decommissioning & Facility Support

    Cleaning Contractors Inc. has served various towns, states and businesses with a broad range of support services. Our Decommissioning and Facility Support services include industrial cleaning resources such as vacuum services; water blasting; media blasting,...

  • Hydro Excavation (HX)

    A Non-Destructive Alternative to Traditional Excavation Cleaning Contractors, Inc. offers state-of-the-art hydro excavation services. Hydro excavation is a safe, non-destructive alternative to traditional excavation. Also called "vacuum excavation," "potholing," "hydro-digging," "hydro-trenching" or "soft digging,” the...

  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Services

    Enhanced Fluid Recovery Vacuum extraction services, also referred to as enhanced fluid recovery, is primarily used on underground storage tank sites that are leaking. Vacuum services can remove products including groundwater and soil vapors. Vacuum...

  • Industrial Cleanup & Remediation

    Storage Tank Removal, Sludge Removal, Industrial Cleanup and Remediation At Cleaning Contractors Inc., our Industrial Cleaning services include excavation work, lagoon closures, underground storage tank removal and above ground storage tank removal. All of these...

Customer Testimonials

  • I am in the process of closing out the GM Shreveport job and want to applaud Cleaning Contractors Inc. for your support with this project, I appreciate working with a flexible, motivated and cooperative group, and though this project was not without its challenges we were able to complete the entire scope of work in a safe, effective and efficient manner. Your team under the leadership of Scott Woodward completed the entire project with ZERO SAFETY INCIDENTS, maintained a great work ethic, a clean and orderly work environment and positive attitude. Again thank your team for their efforts on this project, they did a great job! I look forward to working with CCI again.

    Phil Rodgers
    LaGeneral Manager | Rickman Enterprise Group, LLCwyer

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