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Decommissioning & Facility Support

Cleaning Contractors Inc. has served various towns, states and businesses with a broad range of support services. Our Decommissioning and Facility Support services include industrial cleaning resources such as vacuum services; water blasting; media blasting, including sand, ice and sponge; sewer cleaning and labor support.

Vacuum extraction services, also referred to as enhanced fluid recovery, is primarily used on underground storage tank sites that are leaking. Vacuum services can remove products including groundwater and soil vapors.

Water blasting, also called hydro-blasting, uses high-pressure streams of water to clean and cut through dense materials, like steel and concrete. Hydro-blasting can effectively remove debris and clean tubes, surfaces, pipes and containers.

Sandblasting is when an abrasive material is propelled at high pressure against a surface in an effort to smooth a rough surface or roughen up a smooth surface. Ice blasting services can clean down to a bare surface, which means that there is nothing left behind that can contaminate the work environment. Sponge blasting will clean up, etch or remove coatings from different substrates.

Sewer services include cleaning pipes of all different sizes, root removal, removal of hard deposits, tap trimming, prevention of overflow and emergency sewer cleaning services.

We understand how important it is to be able to rely on quality services whether you need extraction, blasting or waste disposal. From professional, highly trained and qualified employees to the upmost care and customer service, CCI is prepared to help you with any of your environmental, industrial or waste management needs.

Industrial & Environmental Cleaning

  • Media Blasting; Sand, Ice and Sponge
  • Hydro Blasting 5K – 40K
  • Vacuum Services
  • Sewer Cleaning and Video Inspection
  • Lead Abatement
  • Universal Waste Removal

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