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Industrial Cleanup & Remediation

Storage Tank Removal, Sludge Removal, Industrial Cleanup and Remediation

At Cleaning Contractors Inc., our Industrial Cleaning services include excavation work, lagoon closures, underground storage tank removal and above ground storage tank removal. All of these processes involve extreme care and attention. We understand the associated risks and follow all the steps necessary to keep everyone and the environment completely safe from harm.

Environmental excavation can be an extremely hazardous process. This is why it is so important to hire the professionals at CCI. We are trained in handling industrial waste materials so that the work place, environment and public all remain safe. We adhere to OSHA trenching and excavation standards and guidelines, and regularly practice sound safety procedures. Knowing how to handle a variety of different materials is key, since certain products have entirely unique handling requirements.

Lagoon closures take in several different factors. Details that must be considered include how the lagoon was cited, constructed and maintained and the amount of sludge and solids that have been built up through the years. While the top layer of a lagoon is liquid, the bottom two layers are made up of sludge and solids. This is the portion of the lagoon that must be carefully closed in an environmentally sound manner.

There are almost 600,000 underground storage tanks in the US that have petroleum and other industrial-grade substances stored inside. When removing the tanks, the greatest threat is leaking these products and contaminating drinking water. At CCI, we know exactly how to remove both underground and aboveground storage tanks safely so that groundwater and drinking water is protected. Underground storage tanks, also called bunker tanks, are containers that have been placed into the ground where the earth has been cut away and then recovered. Above ground storage tanks, more commonly called bulk storage containers, also contain petroleum products and other oils. Some containers are partially buried as well.

Remediation & Select Demolition Services

  • Environmental Excavation Work
  • Lagoon Closures
  • Underground Storage Tank  and Above Ground Storage Tank Removal
  • Industrial Cleanup, Excavation and Remediation
  • Wastewater Lagoon and Pond Closure
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal

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