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Decommissioning of a Glass Manufacturing Plant

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Sep/21/ 2017 (734) 946-4270

Tulsa OK. — CCI completed a fourteen-week project at a major automotive glass manufacturer. The project was necessary due to demolition activities planned at the facility.  The customer discovered upon pre-demolition inspection that all of the surfaces were tainted with heavy metals, specifically, Lead, Chromium and Selenium. These heavy metals were used in the manufacturing of the auto glass at the site.

The complex was approximately one million square feet in area, located in Tulsa Oklahoma.

CCI was awarded the contract due to competitive pricing, proven ability to provide quality service, and a good resulting from past successful projects.

The assignment included the power washing of approximately one million square feet of contaminated/impacted surfaces, cleaning associated equipment, and process lines.

Recycling of the wash water and rain water was also part of the project to reduce the gallons of water for offsite transportation and disposal cost.

After the initial assessment, CCI assembled team certified in HAZWOPPER and designed a treatment system utilizing multi-layer filtration and centrifuges to treat two million gallons of wash water leaving only eighty thousand gallons of wash water for disposal, resulting in a tremendous savings for the customer.

The CCI team completed the project in fourteen weeks.  Wipe sampling by a third party Certified Industrial Hygienist cleared the area to the standards set forth in NIOSH 9100 procedures.

CCI continues to receive contracts for other project work with the end goal of securing ongoing services in the near future.

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